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Qualtrics and Microsoft Forms should be used for different purposes. Generally, the more important the survey is, the more likely that Qualtrics should be used to distribute it. The chart below provides some examples of when to use each tool.


Microsoft Forms

Most surveys to students

Some surveys to staff and faculty; should not be used for surveys to large groups of students

Surveys whose data is used for broad institutional assessment and decision making (e.g., course evaluations, Senior Survey)

Surveys whose data is for departmental assessment and decision making

Surveys that are redistributed on a regular basis to gather longitudinal data (e.g., First Destination survey)

Surveys that are one-time or ad hoc (e.g., gathering feedback from colleagues on a one-time internal event)

Surveys that will be analyzed using demographic data or data already in Banner

Surveys that are anonymous and/or do not require demographic data for analysis (note: Forms surveys do not have to be anonymous and can make limited use of demographic data)

Surveys sent to a large group of respondents but that must be completed only once by each specific individual they are sent to

Surveys that can be completed multiple times by the same individual or for which respondent identification is not critical

The Survey Request Process