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  1. Go to Jira > Apps > Deep Clone

  2. “Project Clone” will first make a copy of the Project with all the same settings. If you are cloning a Company-Managed project and do NOT want to clone the people on a project, then first create the project in Jira. See the instructions belowThis includes People included on the project being cloned. You will need to adjust the People after new project has been created.


  1. Proceed to next step. (Refer to instructions under “Bulk Clone into Existing Project” starting at Step 3)


  1. Select Project, Filter, or JQL for Source.

  2. Select existing Target project and click

  3. Click on Fetch Issues.

  4. Select Preset “Standard Clone - All Unassigned” OR ”Standard Clone - Copy Assignee”.


  5. You can then manual update any of the settings to accommodate what is specifically needed for the project.

  6. Review issues being cloned. If there are errors it will tell you and it will not clone the issues if the problem is not fixed. You can uncheck the fields you do not want to clone.


  7. Clone Immediately.

  8. You can let it run in the background, but it can create about 20 tickets per minute.

Create Blank Company-Managed Project [Jira Administrator Only]

This step can be used to create a Project in Jira when you want to make sure the People are not added right away. This also does NOT copy any of the issues. This does NOT work for Team-Managed projects.

  1. Go to Jira > Projects > Create Project

  2. Select Blank Project Template.

  3. Click “Show More” and then select Company-Wide Project and select the existing project that you want to share settings with. This will ensure it uses the same Permissions, Notifications, Workflow, Screens, etc