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When a form request ticket is at the "Work In Progress" status, a Form Builder has started working on the form but has not finished yet. The Form Builder will be designated on the ticket. He or she may provide updates on the ticket, but no action is required by anyone else until the Form Builder moves the form to the "User QA" status. It is recommended best practice for the Form Builder to move a form back to "Waiting for Resources" if he or she realizes that he or she does not have capacity to complete the form in a timely manner.


User QA


When the Form Builder has completed a draft of the form that is ready for department testing, the Jira ticket will be moved to the "User QA" status. At this point, the users who were designated for department testing will be notified of a request for their input.


When a form request ticket is at the "Ready for Production" status, that typically means that form is essentially ready to go live, but there may be one or two final steps required, such as setting up BDM indexing.



"Closed" is the final status of a form request ticket. This simply means that the ticket has been closed because the form is now live. Once a form is live, any additional needed changes to the form must be communicated by submitting a new ticket.