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The information below highlights the standard software that is installed on all UNW office computers, authorized software that is not installed by default, and unauthorized or prohibited software that should not be installed onto any UNW workstation. 

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Standard Software

The following software is deployed by Information Technology on all standard UNW workstations.



Microsoft Windows

Windows 10 Enterprise (64 bit)

  • 7-zip (latest)

  • Adobe Reader DC (latest)

  • OpenText Captiva Cloud Runtime (UNW App)

  • Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN Client

  • Dell Command Update

  • Dell Command Configure

  • Dell Power Manager

  • Dell Command Monitor

  • Brand Fonts

  • Argos Fonts

  • LAPS

  • Evisions Application Launcher (UNW App)

  • Microsoft Office (2016-2021)

    • Word

    • Excel

    • PowerPoint

    • Outlook

    • OneNote

    • OneDrive

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Edge (latest)

  • Microsoft Defender

  • TeamViewer Quick Support

  • UNW Endpoint Central

    • UNW Software Center

  • Zoom






macOS 13 Ventura

  • Microsoft AutoUpdate

  • Microsoft Defender

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Microsoft Office for Mac (2019-2021)

    • Word

    • Excel

    • PowerPoint

    • Outlook

    • OneDrive

  • Microsoft Teams

  • NoMad

  • Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN

  • TeamViewer Quick Support

  • UNW Self Service

  • UNW Endpoint Central

    • UNW Software Center

  • Zoom

Table of Contents


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Authorized Software

The following software has been authorized by Information Technology for use on UNW workstations and/or for the processing of UNW data.


Software not on these lists must be authorized on a case-by-case basis. Please submit a ticket to indicating the software you wish to use.
Software that is authorized may not be managed or supported by Information Technology.

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General Use

Self-Service Software

Software available for users to add themselves through the UNW Software Center.

  • Bitwarden

  • Gimp 2

  • Google Chrome Enterprise (latest)

  • KeePass

  • Microsoft Publisher¬†

  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Notepad++

  • Toggl Desktop

  • VLC Player

  • VMware Horizon Client

Additional Licensed Software

Software requires an added license or ongoing subscription fee. Contact the IT Service Desk to request this software.

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Microsoft Visio

  • Microsoft Project

  • Microsoft Power BI Premium

Department Specific

Staff Departments


  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN

Information Technology

  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN

  • TeamViewer Client

Media Engineering

  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN

  • LogMeIn Remote Access


  • MediaValet

Public Safety

  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN


Faculty Departments

Art & Animation

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • AutoDesk
    • 3DS Max
    • Maya
    • Mudbox
    • Motion Builder
    • Recap Pro
    • Revit
    • Arnold for Maya
  • Blender
  • Unreal Engine
  • Unity Game Engine

Computer Science & Cybersecurity

  • AndroidStudio
  • C Lion
  • GitHub
  • Eclipse
  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  • PyCharm


  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Final Cut Pro X

Data Analytics

  • BeyesiaLab
  • JMP Pro
  • SAS
  • Tableau


  • AutoDesk
    • Civil3D
    • Fusion360
  • EES
  • EnSight
  • MultiSIM
  • SAP2000
  • SolidWorks


  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Finale

    Unauthorized Software

    The following conditions represent software that is unauthorized for use at UNW:

    1. Software that requires a license to use but sufficient, appropriate licenses are not possessed by UNW.

    2. Software that is unsupported or does not receive security updates/patches.

    3. Software that presents any security risk to UNW data.

    The following categories represent software that is unauthorized for use on UNW workstations or for UNW data:

    • Any remote access software not outlined in the authorized software lists.

      • Only the appropriate departments may use the authorized remote access tools.

    • Any cloud data-syncing software or service that is not Microsoft OneDrive.

      • Microsoft OneDrive must only be signed in with a UNW account.

    • Any virtual private network (VPN) client that is not UNW GlobalProtect.

      • Examples: NordVPN, Privacy VPN, ExpressVPN, etc.

    • Any web browser that is not outlined in the authorized software lists.

      • Examples: Brave, Opera, etc.

    • Any third-party security or cleaning software.

    • Any personal, video game, or non-UNW business software.

    • Any malicious software.

    Prohibited Software List

    The following software is explicitly prohibited from being used on UNW workstations or for UNW data.

    • AnyDesk

    • Chrome Remote Desktop

    • Dropbox

    • Google Drive

    • iCloud Drive

    • Brave Browser

    • Opera Browser

    • Tor Browser

    • Steam Game Launcher

    • Epic Games Launcher