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Stream is a video hosting application that provides a central storage place for videos that have been recorded in Stream, uploaded, or captured via Microsoft Team meetings.  Stream videos can be easily shared among other employees and students who access Office365 with their UNW account.  Learn more by going to Microsoft Stream


  • Integrates with other Office365 applications (Teams, SharePoint, etc.)

  • Mobile friendly

  • Large amount of storage available

  • Easy to share with a group or the entire organization


  • Automatic transcription of speech and captions

  • Embed videos in SharePoint

  • Review recorded MS Teams meetings

  • Supports many video file types

Best used for:

  • Institutional video messages/announcements

  • Staff teams

  • Faculty lessons/lectures

  • Students uploading video assignments/presentations


Accessing Stream

To access Stream, sign into Office 365 with your email and normal password. From the main page click on the Stream icon or navigate to the upper left side of the window and click on the App Launcher and select Stream. 

Accessing Stream from a Mobile device

Stream is available for both Android and iOS devices. The Stream app can be downloaded from both app stores. For more information, please view Stream mobile overview.

More information

For more training materials, see Microsoft's Office 365 Stream training site here: Learn more about Stream.

See the articles below to learn how to perform specific tasks within Stream.

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