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nameAccessing Dynamic Forms

You can gain access to Dynamic forms by going to the Applications menu on the Applications Section on theRock under Other or by accessing Banner Links page.

  • Sign in using your Northwestern account

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nameHome Page

From the home page you are able to access different forms that you have permission to view and see the statuses of the forms submitted.

  • Click on the image to show the original size

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nameForms by Department

Depending on your level of access you might be able to access multiple departments forms.

  1. To change to a different department go to drop down menu under the Northwestern logo
  2. Choose the appropriate department
  3. Click on Go button

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nameCheck Form Status

You can view the status of individual forms that have been submitted under the respective form title under the home page.

The example below shows that there are:

  • A form submission in the rejected status
  • A form submission in the pending status (filled out and awaiting action)
  • A form submission in the processed status (this form has been filled out and action has been taken)

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nameChange a Forms Status

To change a status of a form perform the following steps:

  1. Find the form template and click on one of the following statuses in the image below. In this example we will move a form in the pending status to the processed status.

  2. Click on the pending status icon.

  3. You will now see all of the forms submitted that are in the pending status. Here is a list of the different options available:

    1. PDF

      1. Allows you to see the submitted form in a web browser in a PDF format. From here you can reject the form, process the form, or close the window.

    2. HTML:

      1. Allows you to see the full HTML version of the form. You cannot perform any actions in this view.

    3. Audits:

      1. Allows you to see the different changes to the form, who performed them, and the details surrounding the changes. You cannot perform any actions in this view.

    4. View all Fields

      1. All the fields are visible in this state and you can scroll to see what has been filled out

    5. Process/Archive/Delete Buttons

      1. This allows you to move a form or multiple forms to a different form status depending on your departments workflow of processing forms.

  4. To move a form or multiple forms into another status, select the forms by clicking on the checkbox and clicking on process status.
    1. The form will move to the next status and be removed from this pending status as shown in image 2.

  5. Rejection of a form  
    1. To reject a form back to the person who submitted the form you will need to open the PDF version, review the information, and if anything is missing or incorrect in the upper left hand corner of the screen you can click on the Reject button. 

  6. You can navigate to a different status by clicking on the status link underneath the form name.

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nameMultiple Signatures

Some forms will have multiple signatures which act as approvals before the form can be moved into another status.

  1. Click on the Multi Status icon to see the forms waiting for approval

  2. There will be a new field option in the form called Co-Signers (approvers)

  3. You can view and modify the approves, as well as send reminder emails to approve of the form.

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