VMware Horizon Client for Windows


The VMWare Horizon Client is used in certain courses to connect to computer lab resources. Users can connect via a web browser or downloaded software to virtual or physical lab's computer for the course.

Install the VMware Horizon Client

  1. Browse to this VMware website to download the VMware Horizon Client installer for your Windows PC: Download VMware Horizon Clients - VMware Customer Connect

  2. Once the download is complete, double-click the installer to begin the installation.

    1. Click Agree & Install.

    2. Wait for the installation to complete.

    3. Click Finish.

    4. Choose Restart Now to complete the setup.

    5. Once your computer restarts you are ready to open the VMware Horizon Client.

Setup the VMware Horizon Client

  1. Search in the menu or click the VMWare Horizon Client icon on your desktop to launch the client.

  2. Click the Add Server button to add the server connection.

  3. Enter vws.unwsp.edu in the box and click Connect.

  4. Login with your UNW account if needed.

  5. You should now see the list of Virtual Machines that you have available to you.


Connect to your Virtual Machine

  1. Double-click one of the computer lab icons to launch your virtual machine for that lab, a separate window will open, then you can sign in to your virtual machine.

    1. If you need to send Control-Alt-Delete to the virtual machine, you can click the Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete button at the top.

    2. When you’re done, you can simply close the window to disconnect from the virtual machine, everything will stay just the way you left it.

Local Drive Access

The first time you login to a Computer Lab you may be prompted to allow access to your local hard drive. Accepting this prompt will make your laptop storage available inside the virtual machine and you will be able to copy files back and forth between your virtual machine and your personal computer.

Questions or Feedback

If you have any additional questions, or if you have feedback about this article, please contact the IT Department by submitting a ticket on the IT tab on myUNW.