uniFLOW - Proof-of-Concept Printer

copyroom-126 is being used as a proof-of-concept printer for the UniFLOW printing software. This article describes how to use the printer with the new user interface.

Logging in

  • There is a temporary pin available that allows access to copying and scanning functions. The pin code is 9999

  • Access this by pressing this button on the left-hand side of the login screen

Screenshot 2024-05-09 081854.png
  • Then enter pin code 9999 and press login.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 082545.png

Copying and Scanning

  • Once logged in, you will see four icons: Copy, Secure Print, Scan, Scan and Send

  • Use Scan and Send to email copies of your scan job to yourself. Do not use Scan at this time.

  • The copy button will bring you to the printer’s copy page. this should still be familiar to you.


  • For now, printing still works as it usually does. Secure printing will be coming soon.