Guidelines and Recommendations for the Use of Lecture Capture


Lecture capture technology allows faculty to broadcast their classroom live to remote students and also record classroom lessons for later viewing.


It is helpful to think of lecture capture as a tool in supporting the success of your students. Like other tools it can provide great value when used effectively. For example, using lecture capture can provide benefits for faculty and students by increasing access and flexibility to learning. However, no tool is a panacea or one size fits all. Recent feedback indicates this solution is most effective with classes that are lecture-based, while classes that rely heavily on discussion may have a less effective experience with lecture capture. Also, effectiveness may vary between class sessions (i.e., if a class were taking a test, lecture capture would not be effective).

Use Cases

Lecture capture allows for three main uses:

  1. When a class includes remote students participating through live streaming, but a class recording will not be saved
  2. When a class does not include remote students, but a class recording will be saved
  3. When a class includes remote students participating through live streaming and a class recording will be saved

Since it is not an institutional expectation that all classes use lecture capture at all times, the following guidelines have been created to support faculty in knowing what circumstances and conditions necessitate this technology.

Necessary Use

  1. If a student has been approved by Disability Services to receive an accommodation
  2. If a student is unable to attend class due to a non-ADA situation, and has provided documentation and received approval through Academic Achievement for an adjustment to temporarily attend remotely (e.g., COVID isolation, family funeral, surgery, military service, etc.)
  3. If a student is unable to attend class due to a pre-approved University-sponsored event (e.g., student athletic event, field trips, chapel preparation)

Recommended Use

  1. If a student requests recording classes as a resource for further study and review
  2. If a student notifies an instructor on the day of class that they are feeling unwell
  3. If a faculty member would like to utilize this technology at any time of their choosing

Important Note

Lecture Capture is a useful tool if utilized effectively in addition to other strategies that help keep students on track. Except for approved student accommodations, faculty should determine when Lecture Capture would not effectively serve student learning (e.g., testing situations, interactive group discussions, or hands-on activities). In such rare cases, faculty would need to utilize other strategies to address student needs. Faculty who have questions or concerns about implementing the expectations above in any specific classroom situation should confer with their department chair/assistant dean. Faculty should engage in professional development to use Lecture Capture competently as a pedagogical tool.

Class recordings will not be available beyond class participants. While the University has various technologies that it may use to livestream and/or record classes, the University does not make any guarantee that any particular event/class will be recorded. Recordings may not be available for a variety of reasons, such as but not limited to, a decision not to record, inadvertent human error, technology glitches, and recording retention issues.