How to use/install EMS Desktop

Prior to installing EMS, you must have been granted access to EMS by the Events Office.  If you have not done this, please first reach out to them before proceeding.

Connecting to the network

If off-campus, prior to installing or using EMS Desktop, please make sure your computer is connected to VPN

Installation of EMS Desktop via "web deploy"

EMS can be installed on any UNW workstation by following these instructions:

  1. Visit

  2. Click the link to "Download and Install the EMS Desktop Client". Assuming no pop-up blocker interferes, you should be prompted to download 2 files:
    1. EMSApplication.exe
    2. emswebdeployconfiguration.cfg
      1. You may receive a warning about the last one, and should click "Keep".

  3. Browse to the folder that the files were downloaded to and double-click on EMSApplication, or simply double-click on the EMSApplication file downloaded within the browser.  A status bar should appear:

  4. The EMS App should finally open and be authenticated with your UNW network account:

  5. Shortcut cleanup:
    1. A new shortcut should get added to your desktop for this version of EMS.  If you right click on the shortcut and choose Properties, the end of the path should look similar to what is seen below:


    2. Any other shortcuts that reference the old version of EMS can be removed.  

  6. Final notes:
    1. This new version of EMS should update automatically with every server upgrade, as it will check for an update each time you open it.