New Form Request Ticket Workflow and Instructions


When a form request ticket is new, that means the Form Request has been approved by IT. The next step is for IT to process the ticket and move it to the "Waiting for Resources" status.

Waiting For Resources

When a new form request ticket is "Waiting For Resources," the form is ready to be built but building has not yet begun. The form will begin to be built when a Form Builder (from your department, from IT, or possibly from another department) accepts the form and begins work on it. If IT is aware of a Form Builder who would naturally be assigned to a specific form request, IT will assign the form to that builder. The form request ticket will stay at the "Waiting for Resources" status until a Form Builder indicates that he/she has begun work on it.

Work In Progress

When a form request ticket is at the "Work In Progress" status, a Form Builder has started working on the form but has not finished yet. The Form Builder will be designated on the ticket. He or she may provide updates on the ticket, but no action is required by anyone else until the Form Builder moves the form to the "User QA" status. It is recommended best practice for the Form Builder to move a form back to "Waiting for Resources" if he or she realizes that he or she does not have capacity to complete the form in a timely manner.

User QA


When the Form Builder has completed a draft of the form that is ready for department testing, the Jira ticket will be moved to the "User QA" status. At this point, the users who were designated for department testing will be notified of a request for their input.

The department testers must "approve" the form in Jira before it can move to the next step in the workflow. If someone on this list is not able to test the form, he/she must be removed from the "User QA" group in Jira by the Form Builder.

Instructions for User QA

Accessing the Test Form

  • The link to test the form will be posted in the ticket, and testers should receive an email copy of this post. You should be able to reference either the ticket or the email to find the test form.
  • Before clicking the link, you must complete the following steps. If you do not complete these steps, the link will not work.

    • Sign in to theROCK using your UNW credentials.
    • Scroll down in the left navigation bar.
    • Click "Other."
    • Click "Dynamic Forms."
    • Leave that window open. You will not need to do anything on it.
  • Click the form link in the email or Jira ticket.

Testing the Test Form

  • Fill out the form as at least one test/fake form submitter (e.g. student). You may enter random or nonsensical information, but be sensitive to the logic of the form and ensure that the test information still tests the logic of the form.
  • Use your real email address when completing the form so that you can test any email routing.
  • Think about different scenarios that may come up when the form is submitted, and fill out the form a few times from those different scenarios.
  • If your form has more than one participant, use real email addresses for the participants. You may use other testers for roles they do not normally occupy on the form, but it may be most helpful to have the people who typically have those roles test the form. For example, the person who typically approves actual form submissions should ideally be the one approving the test forms.
  • Be sure that all routing and signing works successfully.
  • Post any problems or concerns with the form as comments on the Jira ticket. Try to consolidate comments into as few comments as possible, and let the Form Builder know when testing is complete.

Approving the Form

In order for the form to move to the next step in the workflow, the designated User QA testers must approve the form in Jira. To do so, click the link that you received in an email to take you to the ticket in Jira. When you arrive at the ticket, you should see a notice at the top of the ticket indicating that you must approve the ticket. You should see a button to click to approve it; simply click the button.


When a form request ticket is at the "IT QA" status, that means the form is being evaluated by IT before going to production. This final phase of QA assures that the form has been built properly and will function correctly.

Ready For Production

When a form request ticket is at the "Ready for Production" status, that typically means that form is essentially ready to go live, but there may be one or two final steps required, such as setting up BDM indexing.


"Closed" is the final status of a form request ticket. This simply means that the ticket has been closed because the form is now live. Once a form is live, any additional needed changes to the form must be communicated by submitting a new ticket.