Course Fees in SFARGFE

The following course fees will be migrated to SFARGFE beginning in Fall 2022. Courses will be identified using a course attribute as specified below. The attributes match the detail codes.

Course Attribute CodeCourse Attribute DescriptionAmount
NUCFNursing Clinical Fee525
TACFAccounting Conference Fee20
TANAAnatomy Lab Fee200
TASFArt Studio & Lab Fee75
TBIOBiology Lab Fee200
TBRFBiology Research Course Fee200
TCAFChoir Activity Fee13
TCARCare and Counseling Course Fee95
TCCFCornerstone Course Fee50
TCCRCollege Choir Robe Fee10
TCHEChemistry Lab Fee200
TCRFChemistry Research Course Fee200
TDAFData Analytics Course Fee200
TENGEngineering Fee200
TGCFGraduate Course Fee95
TGENGenetics Lab Fee200
TGLFGolf Fee55

Summer Field Biology Fee

(if this is not course-dependent, the fee will be handled through SSADETL)

THUMHuman Physiology Lab Fee200
TJBFJazz Band/Ensemble Fee10
TKCFKeystone Course Fee50
TMCFMen's Chorus Fee10
TMCRMen's Chorus Robe Fee10
TMLFLeadership in Ministry Fee40
TOCFOff Campus Studies Admin Fee750
TOSFOrchestra (Strings) Fee10
TOWFOrchestra (Winds) Fee10
TPHYPhysics Lab Fee200
TPMFPrivate Music Fee-Minor&Elect450
TPMMPrivate Music Fee - Major400
TPMRPrivate Music Fee - Secondary350
TPSFProfessional Skills Course Fee50
TSBFSymphonic Band Fee13
TSCIScience Lab Fee200
TTDFTheatre/Dance Performance Fee75
TTHETheatre Course Fee (is this fee still in use?)50
TURBUrban Intercult Stdy Crs Fee75
TWCFWomen's Chorale Fee10
TWCRWomen's Chorale Robe Fee10