Common Issues & Questions

Common Issues

 I need to reactivate Duo Mobile

If you get a new phone you'll need to re-activate Duo Mobile. You may enroll your new device yourself using Duo's device management portal. If you are having issues with this, please contact the IT Service Desk. 

You can also use Duo Mobile's backup and restore functionality if you previously backed up your Duo Mobile accounts.  You can restore your accounts to Duo Mobile on your new phone (same platform as the original device i.e. Android to Android and iOS to iOS) via the guided recovery process. See the full Duo Restore guide here.

 I have stopped receiving push notifications on Duo Mobile

You may have trouble receiving push requests if there are network issues between your phone and our service. Many phones have trouble determining whether to use the WiFi or cellular data channel when checking for push requests, and simply turning the phone to airplane mode and back to normal operating mode again often resolves these sort of issues, if there is a reliable internet connection available. Similarly, the issue may be resolved by turning off the WiFi connection on your device and using the cellular data connection.

Check the time and date on your phone and make sure they are correct. If the date and time on your phone are manually set, try changing your device's configuration to sync date and time automatically with the network.

iOS users can run a troubleshooting tool from within Duo Mobile version 3.32.0 or later. To run the tool:

  1. Open the Duo Mobile app on your iOS device and tap the Edit button in the top left of the accounts list screen, then tap the name of the account for you aren't receiving push requests.
  2. Next, tap the Get Started button in the "Missing Notifications?" section of the the "Account Details" screen.
  3. Duo Mobile performs the test. If any step fails, you'll receive further troubleshooting suggestions. After taking the suggested actions, tap **Run test again* to retry.

The steps that Push Troubleshooting performs automatically are as follows:

  • Check device settings.
  • Check internet connectivity.
  • Check that the device can contact Duo's cloud service.
  • Attempts to send a test Duo Push notification.

Should none of these actions help, see the Duo Knowledge Base for additional iOS and Android troubleshooting steps.

If you can't get Duo Push working on your own, you can use Duo's device management portal to log in with a passcode generated by the Duo Mobile app and send a new activation link to your phone. See the My Settings & Devices guide for instructions.

If you've tried the suggestions here but can't get Duo Push working or reactivate your device yourself, please contact the IT Service Desk to request reactivation of Duo Mobile.

 I lost my phone

Contact the IT Service Desk immediately if you lose your phone or suspect that it's been stolen!

If you had previously enrolled a second authentication device you can use My Settings & Devices to delete your lost or stolen phone.

If you aren't able to log in to Duo at all then the Service Desk can disable the missing phone for authentication and help you log in using another method.

While it's important that you contact the Service Desk if you lose your phone, remember that your password will still protect your account.

 I am running iOS 10 and I am not able to install the current version of Duo Mobile from the App Store on my device

The minimum supported operating system version for Duo Mobile 3.29.0 and above is iOS 11.

iOS 10 users may download the last Duo Mobile version compatible with that iOS version (3.28.1) via Apple's TestFlight program.

  1. You'll need to install the Apple TestFlight application on your device.
  2. Once you have TestFlight installed, tap this link and then tap Install to install Duo Mobile 3.28.1 on your iOS 10 device.

Contact the IT Service Desk if further assistance is required.

 I am running Android OS 7.0 or lower

The current version of Duo Mobile supports Android 8.0 and greater.

Duo recommends upgrading to the most recent version of Android available for your device.

Duo cannot ensure the compatibility of Duo Mobile with custom variants or distributions of Android.

If you cannot upgrade your phone, the SMS type of authentication delivery will still work.

 I am using Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Duo Prompt does not display correctly

For the best results we do not recommend using Internet Explorer's Compatibility View with Duo authentication. You may be able to turn off Compatibility View yourself.

From the Address bar:

If the Compatibility View button Compatibility View button displays in the Address bar to the right of the page address, you can click the button to exit Compatibility mode.

From the Internet Explorer Tools Menu:

In the Internet Explorer browser window press the Alt key to display the menu bar. Navigate to Tools  Compatibility View settings and make one or more of the following changes:

  • Remove the website where you use Duo authentication from the "Websites you've added to Compatibility View"
  • Uncheck the "Display all websites in Compatibility View" option if present and enabled.
  • Uncheck the "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View" option.

Click the Close button to save your change.

Contact the IT Service Desk if the Duo Prompt continues to display incorrectly.

Other issues

Please check the Duo knowledge base or contact the IT Service Desk at 651-631-5699 if you have an issue that isn't listed here.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Should I allow notifications?

We recommend allowing notifications from the Duo Mobile app.  It is the fastest way to authenticate using Duo.  They also provide an added security benefit of notifying you when your account is being accessed.  If you receive a notification from the Duo Mobile app but have not attempted to sign in to a protected UNW system, this could be a warning that your account has been compromised.  If this happens to you, please contact the service desk.

 Should I allow access to my smart phone's camera?

This is optional.  The QR codes that Duo uses for account activation aren't being used by UNW extensively at this time.

 Getting a SMS message takes a long time, is there a faster way?

We recommend using the Duo mobile app as the fastest method of authenticating. However, if you do not have a smart phone, the next fastest method is a phone call. This is faster than the SMS text method. 

 Can I complete Duo authentication if my phone or tablet does not have Internet access or network signal?

The computer or device that is accessing the UNW application will always require internet connectivity in order for the Duo cloud service to complete authentication.

If your authentication device (phone or tablet) does not have internet connectivity or a network signal, you will not be able to use Duo Push, phone call, or request new SMS passcodes to complete authentication. However, there are some options listed below that will allow you to complete MFA. If you know that you will be traveling on a plane or going to a location where only your computer will have internet but your authentication device will not, make sure to test one or more of these options beforehand:

  • If the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone or tablet has been activated, you can generate Duo Mobile passcodes while the device running Duo Mobile is offline. You can generate Duo Mobile passcodes anywhere, even in places where that device doesn't have an internet connection or can't get cell service. Learn more about iOS and Android passcodes in Duo Mobile.
  • If you have received SMS passcodes before the authentication device went offline, you can use them to complete MFA.
  • The IT Service Desk can generate a unique bypass code and provide it to you. Note that bypass codes are only intended as temporary authentication methods.

Once a passcode is generated, you can use it in one of the following ways -- provided you are submitting it on a device that is online:

  • Click Enter a Passcode in the Duo Prompt
  • Type it into a second password/passcode field in a logon prompt
 I don't have a smartphone - how can I access the VPN off-campus?

If the Duo app isn't an option for you, please choose Call me or Enter a Passcode - you will then receive an authentication code at the phone number you entered during Duo enrollment.