Network Drives - Mac


A network drive is a storage device on a local access network (LAN). It is shared across all /or selected users on the network and provides the same data storage and access services as a standard disk drive

  • The S: drive is for department(s) storage of documents to be accessed by only those who are granted access based upon need.  

Accessing UNW network drives on and off campus


  • On Campus: You need to be connected via an ethernet cord or if you are on Wi-Fi, you will need to be connected to the VPN.
  • Off Campus: You need to be connected to the VPN and have off campus VPN Access. 
  1. Open a Finder window, or just click somewhere on the Desktop.

  2. From the menu bar at the top of your screen, click “Go” and then “Connect to Server”, or just hit Command-K

    Connect to server

  3. A “Connect to Server” window will open

  4. In the “Server Address” bar

    1. For On Campus use enter:
      1. For S: Drive: smb://
      2. For T: Drive: smb://

    2. For Off Campus use enter:
      1. For S: Drive: smb://
      2. For T: Drive: smb://

  5. Click “Connect
    1. A window will open asking for your username and password

      1. Connect As: Registered User

      2. Username: emp\ and then your username (e.g.  or emp\woworker)

      3. Password: enter your UNWSP password

      4. Click “Connect

      5. Sign in

  6. A window will open showing the files on your network drive.