Network Drives - Mapping and Accessing S:\ Drive - Windows


A network drive is a storage device on a local access network (LAN). It is shared across all /or selected users on the network and provides the same data storage and access services as a standard disk drive.

  • The S: drive is for department(s) storage of documents to be accessed by only those who are granted access based upon need.  

Access network drives on and off campus for Windows users

If you’re offsite, remember to connect GlobalProtect VPN!

For users within the Northwestern community whose Windows computer should automatically have their Home and Shared network drives added to their computer if they log into a computer that is plugged with an Ethernet cable. If for some reason the drives do not show up you can add them manually:

  1.  Open Windows Explorer

  2. On the left side, click on This PC. On the top ribbon of the window,click on Map Network Drive.

    1. Alternatively, you can right click on This PC and select Map Network Drive from there.

  3. Select the Drive Letter (S:) from the Drive dropdown, and type in the following address in the "Folder: field" and click Finish:

    1. University employees can use the settings below for on campus use with VPN Access and off campus use if they have Off Campus VPN Access. 

      • Shared Drive\\\s

  4. You may be prompted with a logon prompt. Use your Active Directory/ Email username and password. 

    1. NOTE: The username must include the domain: (emp\username, rad\username, or stu\usename)

    2. NOTE: Make sure you select the check box to remember my credentials, otherwise it will prompt you continuously. 

  5. The folder will now show up under My Computer as shown below.

  6. You should now be able to access your home drive or shared drive.