ADFS Single Sign-on Experience

On November 28th, 2022, the login experience switched from the ADFS Single Sign-on Experience to the Azure Single Sign-on Experience for most protected applications.

General applications

  1. Users will see the initial login screen as follows:

  2. Next, the Duo authentication window will appear:

  3. Simply choose your preferred authentication method and respond appropriately.

Why don't I see a Duo two-factor prompt when on campus? 

We do not require the Duo two-factor prompt when authenticating on UNW networks. 

GlobalProtect VPN

Staff and Faculty who have completed enrollment in Duo MFA will see the following page when logging into the VPN for the first time each day.

Simply choose your preferred authentication method and respond appropriately in order to logon to VPN.

Why don't I need to enter my email address and password for the VPN? 

When using the VPN client on a UNW owned Windows workstations, the VPN client will take the credentials you used to sign into the computer and pass them on to the VPN authentication.

Mac users will be required to enter credentials.