Form User


Form Users will be able to log in to see any forms they need to sign and to view any previously submitted form. 

Home Page View

The home page view for the form user allows users to see any previously completed forms or forms that are partially completed. You can also access the forms by clicking on the My Forms option in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 

  • My Forms will show the Pending/Draft forms and also the Forms History
  • The User Icon will allow you log out of Dynamic Forms

Pending/ Draft Forms 

Forms are group by status indicated by the colored icons on the far left. From here you can: 

  • View all forms assigned to you and their statuses
  • Filter forms based upon form status or form name
  • View submitted forms or current state of your forms (PDF/HTML icons)
  • Take action on your forms

IconMeaningDescriptionAction needed

RejectedThis form needs your correction or revision.Click on the Complete Form button under the Action Column. 

DraftThis form has been partially filled out and needs to beClick on the Complete Form button under the Action Column. 

IncompleteThis form has not been started and needs to be completed,Click on the Complete Form button under the Action Column. 

PendingThis form has been submitted but needs to have approval/sign off from someone else.

You can click on the Co-Signers button to see who needs to sign off and

contains the option to send them a reminder email.

Forms History

Forms history will show the history of the forms you have completed.