Operational Dashboards


The list below is the current operational dashboards available for faculty and staff in Argos. 

Faculty Dashboard  (by term, by venue, by department)

  • Course Enrollment and Credits
  • Instructors assigned to Courses
  • Instructor Credit workload including non-instructional credits
  • Course Schedule information including days and times of classes
  • Faculty Office and Address information

Admissions Funnel Status Counts  (by term, by venue)

  • Recruit information based on funnel status – can filter by department/major

Financial Operations (by fiscal year, by org code, by account, by activity code)

  • Shows columns of Adjusted Budget, Actual, Encumbrances and Budget Balance Remaining
  • Drill down to view transactions at the account or activity code level
  • Links over to BDM to view PDF of actual document (invoice, journal entry)

HR Management Dashboard (by fiscal year, by org code, by position)

 Uses financial manager/supervisor security so you only can view what you have access to in Banner

  • Budget for the orgs you manage
  • PTO information for employees you supervise
  • List of student employees you manage
  • Job Descriptions
  • Position Information
  • Current Compensation for the orgs you manage

Student Information Dashboard (by term, by venue)

  • Individual Student Information such as photo and contact information
  • Courses a student is registered for and Course History
  • Current student holds
  • Financial Aid information that is not privacy protected
  • Lists of Registered students
  • Lists of students with emails, advisor, dept, major, housing information
  • Retention stats available for Student Success team and Advisors (access limited to specific users)


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