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The purpose of these pages is to offer helpful tips on making informed copyright decisions.

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  1. What are the rights involved in copyright? How long does copyright last?

  2. What is the public domain and which works are included in it?

  3. What are the four factors in fair use, and how should I make a use decision?

  4. How can I legally share copyrighted works with students in my courses?

  5. How can I request permission from a copyright owner to use their work?

  6. What are Creative Commons licenses and how can they help me use copyrighted material?

Remember that these pages offer only general guidance and do not constitute legal advice!

Information in the Copyright section of Confluence is based on the website "Copyright Information" by University of Minnesota Libraries, used under CC BY-NC 3.0 / References to University of Minnesota departments and policies removed from original.  References to University of Northwestern - St. Paul departments and policies added.


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