Connecting to the Wi-Fi


To connect to Northwestern's wireless network your computer will need to have an antivirus installed and have up to date virus definitions. All Northwestern issues laptops have Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and are automatically configured to update to the latest virus definitions.

Please note, if your computer/device has not connected to the Wi-Fi network in the last 30 days, it will be automatically unregistered from our network. 

Register your computer or device on the wireless network

Please follow these instructions to have your computer or device registered for wireless network access at the University of Northwestern Saint Paul.

  1.  Connect to UNW Wireless or Eagles

  2. Open any internet browser and it should show the registration page below ( ). After reading the Acceptable Use Policy summary, click Agree.

  3. Click one of the following options:

    1. Register your Computer, Smartphone or Tablet: 
      1. This is for registering your computer, smart phone, or tablets with your UNW username and password.
      2. Please note for registering computers you must have up to date virus definitions to pass the Dissolvable Agent scan
    2. Guest Self Registration
      1. This option is for guests to register on the network without having to the Dissolvable Agent scan the computer for up to date virus definitions
      2. This gives 48 hours of access to the internet but not internal UNW sites like theROCK, Moodle, or any sub-domain of

  4. Please enter your UNW username and password.

  5. Run the Dissolvable Agent. Click accept or run if your current anti-virus program asks permission.

    1. This will check to make sure that you have an anti-virus program installed and the virus definitions are up-to-date

    2. If you are registering a mobile device the Dissolvable Agent will just register the device and take you to the screen below

  6.  After the process is completed, there should be a notification saying "network connection has been reconfigured".

  7. Now your computer should have internet access through the UNW wireless.