Software Center


  • Software Center is an application on all UNW Windows computers
  • Software Center is used as a self-service portal for end users to install software of their choice
  • Software Center is used as an IT Computer Management application to confirm your computer gets updated in an efficient manner

Using Software Center


  • You can find Software Center listed in your start menu

Applications Tab

  • Lists all the applications that are either available or required for end users to install.
  • End users can choose to install applications that are managed by IT.
  • Each application has Status info where a user can see if the application is already installed or not or requires approval
  • Can select all or Required sub-tab to display what applications are available and required

Updates Tab

  • Lists all the available updates for the computer.
  • Most updates are required and will automatically install during the maintenance window
  • Updates are pushed via IT

Installation Status Tab

  • Lists all the statuses of Applications and Updates
  • Clicking on the Upcoming tab will display the Next Maintenance Window as well as the status of the upcoming installations