Academic Achievement Provider Dashboard


If you are listed as a provider for a student who needs accommodations, will receive an email from the Academic Achievement office.  The email will contain a link to the Provider Dashboard.

When you click on the link, you will be taken to a log in screen.  Use your normal network login.

Accessing the Accommodation Dashboard

You can access the dashboard by going to the theRock and clicking on the "Faculty and Advisor" tab. The link to the dashboard will be under the Faculty Resources portlet.

Using the Accommodation Dashboard

  1. Select the Term and click on View

  2. A list of the students in your classes needing accommodations will appear along with information on the service needed, the course they're in, and any comments.
    1. You can sort on any of the columns by clicking on the column header

      1. "

  3. When you select (click on) a specific student, that student's contact info will appear.

  4. You can export the list to excel if you so desire.  Right click anywhere within the list of names and select Save Results.  You can select Save to simply save it, or Launch to save it then open it in Excel.