Department Roles


Dynamic Forms has various user roles that grant different access levels and functions. 


Please note that some departments may have one person represent multiple roles.

Department Form Manager

This role is typically one or maybe two people who have the ability to submit new form requests on behalf of their department. 

Department Form Approver

This role will approve of the the new form requests submitted by the Department Form Requester to make sure the form contains all of the necessary information, conditions, workflow, and fields before going to the IT Department for review. 

Department Form Builder 

Form builders are individuals who have the training to create forms for their department in Dynamic Forms.

Form Testers

Form testers are the individuals who understand the new forms overall intent and purpose. They perform quality assurance on the newly created forms to make sure everything is working as expected before the form becomes active to form users. 

Form Administration (Admin)

Once the form is active, a Form Admin will be administrating new form submissions in Dynamic Forms.