Windows 10 OneDrive


With Windows 10, the IT department has enabled a policy that will sync certain local user folders with OneDrive, as long as the machine has an internet connection. Items that are synced with OneDrive will have a green check mark when it is synced. With this change, during the upgrade process your personal network drive (H: Drive) will be converted to OneDrive.


  • After upgrading to Windows 10, IT will be moving your current H: Drive to OneDrive
  • OneDrive will auto-sync a majority of your local user storage folders (more detail below) 


  • Automatic backup of data to the cloud
  • Ability to access data from any computer with an internet connection by logging into the OneDrive Online
  • No need for VPN to access data
  • Secured in the cloud
  • IT will spend less time and money maintaining storage servers

Local File Syncing

  • Your computer will sync the following folders:
    • Desktop
    • Documents
    • Favorites
    • Links
    • Music
    • Pictures
    • Videos
  • Your computer will not sync the following folders:
    • Downloads
    • Saved games
    • Searches


OneDrive App

  • Located on the right side of the taskbar
  • Click on the cloud icon and see the current status of your files syncing

Windows Explorer

  • Located on the left side of the Windows Explorer window
    • OneDrive - unweagles
      • Personal drive (this includes H Drive)(only you have access to this)
      • Syncs local computer data so that you always have a backup in the cloud
    • unweagles
      • Shared drive (specific groups have access to this)
      • Data is stored in cloud-only, once you double click on file it will download it to your machine and then open the file.

More Information

Go to the main OneDrive page to learn more about One Drive.