Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder is an application designed to be used by academics to assign faculty, add sections, change faculty load, and assign classrooms and teaching days.  This information is passed along to the registrar's office to be entered in Banner.

Main Screen:

Based on parameters selected, this screen shows the list of sections with various data points for previewing. When a line is selected, the room information shows in the bottom box.  This was done so if a section has multiple rooms/days/times, it does not create multiple lines in the list box view.

Much of the functionality of how Schedule Builder records are added/updated depends on choices made on this screen from the listbox.

The action items that can be performed for the class schedule are available in this box. Once a selection is made in this box, the yellow 'Go' button becomes active and will launch the data entry screen where data can be edited.

  • Update Current Information - this populates the data entry screen with the information from the selected line on the main screen. This option is also used to update Non-Instructional Assignments but only allows for the instructor and load to be changed.
  • Add an Additional Instructor - this populates data from the line selected but populates the instructor with 'Adjunct Faculty' as the default instead of the current assigned faculty; when 'Saved' this inserts a new row in the table with the same term/CRN but a new instructor_pidm
  • Add a Section - this populates data from the line selected but defaults 'Adjunct Faculty' as the instructor and shows a box called 'New CRN #' that auto-populates with 'NewCRNxx-course_ID'. The xx just picks the next number to assign based on previous 'NewCRN' records in the table. This inserts a new line in the table showing this as a 'new' CRN for the registrar's office to create a new section in Banner.  Banner will assign the CRN automatically and registrar's office will come back to Schedule Builder to rename the 'NewCRN' section here with the Banner-assigned CRN.
  • Add a Course - this uses no info from the list box on the main screen but allows the user to choose a course in the Course dropdown box on the top of the screen.  In the Schedule Course Details option, the course must exist in Banner SCACRSE in order to show up on this list which means the new course would have been approved by faculty and communicated to the registrar's office so they could add it to Banner as a course option.  Once a course is selected, the rest of the fields populate based on information from Banner.  Again, the 'New CRN' box appears, similar to what happens in 'Add a Section'. When adding a new course, the option '*New Proposed Course' is available if it doesn't yet exist in Banner and defaults the department from the main screen.  A green box appears for the user to enter some text related to the new course so academic administration knows what is being proposed for in the budget.  The 'New CRN' box now defaults with an 'NCR' number to indicate 'new course requested' as the CRN assignment in the Schedule Builder table.
  • Remove Selected Section - this will delete the line selected in the list box on the main screen and will cause the RED 'Delete' button to appear.
  • Add Non-Instructional Assignment - since non-instructional data is stored in a separate table, the actions to update and delete those records are separated from course actions. The checkbox labeled 'Include Non-Instructional Assignments', when checked will show those in the list box. Use the 'Update Current Information' option to change an existed line that is selected. Use the 'add' option to add a new assignment. This option only allows for data to be entered for the type, the assignment type, the instructor, and the faculty load.  Comments can also be made.
  • Remove Selected Non-Instructional Assignment - this will delete the line selected but only if it's a non-instructional line item.

Data Entry Screen:

  • Instructor/Faculty Load Information - this box contains the instructor, their role whether primary or secondary, and the faculty load information.  The load will default what is in Banner.  If it's considered 'Permanent', the faculty load box shows the load from SCACRSE for this course and that cannot be edited in Schedule Builder.  Only the % Teaching responsibility can be changed so if there are multiple instructors, the percent for each can be changed here.  If the load will temporarily be changed for this term, the user can click the green button to switch it to Temporary.  This makes the % responsibility default to 100 and cannot be edited.  Only the Faculty Load box can be edited to what the load should actually be for that instructor.  The purple box shows what the load will be calculated at when the Save button is clicked.

  • Section Information - these values all default from Banner but can be updated here.  The Part of Term selected determines the Begin and End dates in the Meeting/Room Information since that uses the Banner-defined dates.

  • Meeting/Room Information  - these values all default from Banner SSASECT but can be updated here. If you make changes on this screen but aren't changing any
    room information, leave the No Changes button selected.
    If a current room and/or meeting time/days shows up but you need to make a change, select the Update option.
    If room shows 'None' or you want to add an additional room/meeting select, select the Add a Room option.

Contract Approvals:

This page is used by the Chairs, Program Managers, Program Directors, and Deans to approve adjunct contracts. The columns on the left will show a Y when each area has approved. Once all groups have approved, the line disappears from the list. Use the checkbox to view approved contracts and the Reverse Approval button to remove approvals. 

  • Process for Trad - each Chair approves for their department; next, each Dean approves for their college; HR Contract Manager approves the Academic Operations
  • Process for A&GS - Academic Coordinator for A&GS approves the Academic Operations and verifies the data; Program Manager/Director approves; Dean of CGOAL approves
  • Process for DE - Director of Dual Enrollment approves the Academic Operations and verifies the data; Program Manager approves; Dean of CGOAL approves


Maintenance: used by operations staff only 

This page is used to load data from Banner into Schedule Builder, auditing data between Banner and Schedule Builder, and locking down terms for editing.

  • Loading data: Select the venue, term and revision to Load Data. This will bring over all the data from Banner SSASECT. If you load a new revision, it will bring over all the records. If you enter a revision that already exists in SB, it will only update the data that is different or doesn't exist in SB.
    You can also load an individual CRN from Banner

  • Audits are for comparing data to Banner:  This is usually done by the HR Contracts Manager.
  • Locking down Terms:  This sets the Open flag to N so no more edits can be done by anyone on that term/revision

View Changes:  used by operations staff only

This screen is used by academic support to take the updates made in Schedule Builder and post them back to Banner. Emails are also sent out whenever changes exist here.
When HR verifies changes to faculty load in SIAASGN are updated in Banner, they mark that line 'complete'. When registrar's office updates SSASECT with other changes, they mark that line 'complete'. 
When both areas have been marked approved, they disappear from this list.

Overloads: this tab is managed by the HR Contracts Manager