Tutorial: Epson Doc Cam - Easy Interactive Tools


This article explains how to use Epson's Easy Interactive Tools to display Doc Cam images using the dedicated PC/Mac in the AV Cart. 

Using the Epson doc cam from the AV cart

  1. Turn on Doc Cam. Make sure LED for for the power button is turned on. 

  2. The Easy Interactive Tools app icon will look like this (Left is PC and the Right is Mac). Double Click to open.

  3. Once the application opens the Home screen will appear and click the camera option. 

  4. The Doc Cam will auto-detect the document or item and display it.  

    1. If a Doc Cam image does not appear, make sure to select from the drop-down menu: "EPSON ELPDC21".

  5. To enable Full Screen of the image, select the icon below.

Using the Epson doc cam from a personal computer

If you would like to use the software on your personal laptop, make sure to install the software. 

  1. When using your laptop you will need a USB-B to USB-A cable to plug into the Doc Cam from your laptop. 

    1. USB-B to USB-A Cable (If you need one, please email AV Services and we can provide you with one.

    2. Plug the USB-A connector to your laptop and USB-B connector to the Doc Cam. 

    3. Then follow steps below to install the right software to use the Epson Doc Cam.

Downloading software to a personal computer

  1. Download the software from Epson's website: https://epson.com/Support/Projectors/Document-Cameras/Epson-ELPDC21-Document-Camera/s/SPT_V12H758020#drivers

  2. The website will attempt to automatically detect the computer's operating system. If it detects the wrong operating system open the drop down to select the correct one. Then click the download button. 

    1. Apple computers: 

    2. Windows computers: you will need to download the TWAIN driver as well.