Printing User Portal


Everyone student is able to access a Printing Portal that will allow them to:

  • Check your current print balance
  • Allows you to review your print history to see what you've been printing
  • Request Refunds for incorrect or failed print jobs
  • Use WebPrint to print documents without needing to install printers on your personal computers.

How to access the print user portal

  1. To access the portal, browse to and login with your Northwestern username and password

  2. The Print Summary page shows your current balance, print history an environmental impact. 

  3. The Transaction History page shows a list of your recent transactions, dates they were printed, and cost for job. 

  4. The Recent Print Jobs page shows a list of your recent print jobs and allows you to request a refund for incorrect print charges or failed print jobs

  5. The Web Print page allows you to print documents without installing printers on your personal computer