06 Financial Aid, Scholarships, Expenses, and Fees

6.0 Financial Aid, Scholarships, Expenses, and Fees

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial aid is available to all students who qualify.

Potential Assistance:

Federal Pell Grant

Minnesota State Grant

Institutional Aid

Federal Student Loans

Private Loans

Outside Scholarship

Traditional Undergraduates







Transfer Undergraduates







Post-Bacc Students




Scholarship Links:

See Appendices for Scholarship Link.

Nursing Education Loan Repayment Programs:

Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program

University of Northwestern-Saint Paul Nursing Scholarships:

The University of Northwestern—St. Paul currently awards five (5) specifically designated nursing major endowed scholarships:

  • Beilby Family Nursing Scholarship

  • Burghard Nursing Scholarship

  • Dustin Bergh Nursing Scholarship

  • Ruth G Dyer Nursing Scholarship

  • Joe & Suzy Scheller Geriatric Nursing Scholarship

There are other specific nursing scholarships in process. Nursing majors are also eligible to receive awards from several other general Northwestern scholarship funds. All donor scholarships are managed and awarded by the Advancement Department. Applications are available online at myUNW, from mid-September through mid-December each year. Awards are made during the months of January-March, and communicated to the students by the end of April each year. These awards are designated for the upcoming academic year. You may direct questions regarding scholarships directly to stewardship@unwsp.edu


Nursing students need to plan and assume responsibility for the following expenses that will be incurred while enrolled in the nursing program:

  • Travel to and from all clinical experiences, including parking;

  • Lodging expenses for out-of-town clinical experiences;

  • Expenses incurred from the Transcultural Immersion Experience;

  • Uniform accessories;

  • CPR Recertification;

  • Immunization and Health Clearance Updates;

  • Senior Graduation Expenses;

  • State Board/NCLEX-RN testing fees


Students are responsible for all costs incurred for meeting School of Nursing application requirements. Students accepted to the School of Nursing will be assessed a one-time, nonrefundable Nursing Administration Fee, Clinical Fees (per clinical course) Clinical Makeup Fees, Nursing ATI Fees (per term), Transcultural Trip Fees (per terms 1, 2, and 3 – First-time enrolled only) and Uniform Replacement Fees (as needed). For extenuating circumstances which may preclude participation in selected transcultural immersion clinicals, a request form to consider alternative assignments will be submitted to the Academic Affairs Committee for consideration, with a possible financial credit given, less expenses for the alternative transcultural experience. For more information on tuition and fees, go to UNW's Financial Aid page.

Nursing Administration Fee

The Nursing Administration Fee, is a one-time fee assessed upon acceptance into the School of Nursing.  The fee covers costs of Agency (Hospital) and Community Student Uniforms, Professional White Lab jacket, School of Nursing Pin, Stethoscope and Sphygmomanometer (Blood Pressure Cuff).  It covers administrative costs incurred by the School for processing applicant applications and the School of Nursing's Data Management System.

Transcultural Trip Fees

As a School of Nursing, we carefully partner with our agencies abroad to provide the best clinical experiences for you.  We offer each student an enriching transcultural experience that is carefully evaluated to ensure it meets the following three requirements:  

  1. Dedicated cultural immersion experience

  2. Clinical opportunities to enhance nursing skills

  3. Spiritual growth through ministering and serving others

Transcultural trip fees, assessed over Terms 1-3, cover the costs associated with providing a transcultural immersion clinical opportunity offered in NUR 3317 Serving Transcultural Populations.  Students will be assessed the fees in NUR 2215, NUR 3215, and NUR 3317 and will only be assessed during first time enrollment of each course. 

Coverage of these fees includes but is not limited to the following:

  • All costs procured through affiliated agencies and travel agencies

  • Clinical faculty assigned to oversee the transcultural immersion experience

  • Travel costs including, flight and in-country transportation

  • Housing/lodging and homestay accommodations

  • Meals and food in the country

  • Travel, health, and liability insurance

  • Group excursion fees

  • Miscellaneous supplies such as over-the-counter medications, first aid, teaching materials, and safety and/or medical equipment

  • Any emergency evacuation costs as necessary

There are no additional expenses of the trip other than personal spending.  Any money spent to purchase or hold airline tickets or to secure a placement with our agency in the country would not be refundable for students that fail to progress to Term 3 or are unable to participate in the trip.   For extenuating circumstances which may preclude participation in selected transcultural immersion clinicals, a request form to consider alternative assignments will be submitted to the Academic Affairs Committee for consideration, with a possible financial credit given, less expenses for the alternative transcultural experience.  Submission of the request form does not guarantee an alternative assignment will be approved.

Clinical Fees

Clinical fees cover the business costs associated with providing any clinical opportunity. Clinical hours are provided in different ways, and these fees are not simply associated with going to a facility. While we understand the gravity of these fees, these are a necessary part in sustaining the School of Nursing to provide quality clinical experiences. Coverage of these fees include, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Adjunct clinical faculty that are hired to oversee clinical work

  2. All online and in-person clinical experiences

  3. All educational and health care products purchased to aid in lab and clinical instruction

  4. Membership costs that aid in obtaining clinical placements

ATI Fees

During the program, nursing students regularly take assessments to determine 1) their knowledge base in specific areas or topics in the discipline of nursing and 2) ability of meeting program outcomes. Standardized assessments assist in identifying student mastery of course content and/or level outcomes. The ATI fees cover the ATI Content Mastery Series® Assessment throughout the program. Standardized assessments will be used during the program to help determine student ability in the program and ultimately assist in determining readiness for NCLEX-RN®.