Printing on Campus

The University of Northwestern provides multiple printers around campus for students to print; most printers can print in Color or Black & White and Duplex (two-sided).  

Each student is allocated $30.00 worth of prints each semester. Costs are $0.05 for Black and White, $.0.15 for Color prints.

Available Printers:

  • AKE-Lobby: Akenson Hall Lobby (Color/B&W)
  • CLC-PrintCenter: Billy Graham CLC located near Print Center (Color/B&W)
  • BRC-Blue: Berntsen Resource Center Main Floor (Color/B&W)
  • BRC-Yellow: Berntsen Resource Center Main Floor (B&W Only)
  • Engineering-26: Engineering Lab in Naz 1st floor (Color/B&W)
  • Engineering-187: Engineering Lab in RSN (Color/B&W)
  • MJ-Lobby: Mel Johnson 1st floor lobby (B&W Only)
  • Moyer-181: Moyer Hall First stairwell. (B&W Only)
  • NAZ-TechZone-4thFloor: Staff Copy Center N4114 near Career Development 
  • PittmanNorth-19: Pitman North Basement. (B&W Only)
  • RIL-ComputerLabs: Riley Computer Labs (Color/B&W)
  • RSC-StudentCenter: Robertson Student Center Front Desk (Color/B&W)

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