Classroom and Meeting Space Presentation Technology


AV Services has created a 3 short walkthrough videos on how to use the classroom carts at Northwestern. Although certain spaces have some different configurations, the basic operation of each classroom cart is virtually the same.

All UNW presentation rooms have a tabletop or wall mounted "Extron" control panel with some variety of the following options:

  • Display ON/OFF
    • turns on projector(s) or TV (s) in the space
    • automatically lowers any electric screens
      • (note: manual screens have a pull cord attached)
  • Video Source Selection
    • PC = desktop computer connected to tabletop monitor
    • Laptop = Your provided laptop, tablet, or smart phone connected via HDMI cable and provided adaptor ring
    • Doc Cam= UNW standard document camera 
    • "Blank" or "Video Mute" = Blacks out video screen(s) for private computer navigation if desired 
  • Audio Volume using knob or slider


Click here to view: /wiki/spaces/AV/pages/48498974

Push Button Sample View

Touch Screen Sample View - touch anywhere on the UNW logo screen to begin


Please click the image below to view a written version of basic classroom cart instructions.

Any Classroom or Meeting Space with a Huddly Webcam installed can be used with the classroom computer for Zoom or Teams meetings with remote participants.

Classroom Technology; Using Huddly Webcams and Nureva Soundbars Teams