How to use CleverTouch Systems for Lecture Capture

Training Video Courtesy of Tierney Brothers, AV Services' CleverTouch reseller and support vendor:

Written Overview:

  1. Log into the classroom's dedicated PC or your own laptop.
  2. Open the Zoom desktop client, sign in to your UNW zoom account and start a new meeting.
  3. When a text box opens which says, "Choose ONE of the audio conference options", select the dark blue option, "Join with Computer Audio".
  4. Once the meeting you've created begins, ensure you've selected your desired microphone, speaker, and camera. If using your own laptop, zoom will likely pre-select your laptops' mic and camera. If using UNW's dedicated PC source, you may need to borrow a loaner webcam and make sure the webcam is selected within the audio and video settings on Zoom's toolbar at the bottom of the application window. 

5. Turn the CleverTouch display on.

6. Log into Zoom on the CleverTouch using its installed App.

7. Log into zoom using a name like, "CleverTouch RoomXYZ" to label the CleverTouch for participants of your presentation.

8. On the CleverTouch display, type in the meeting code as created by the zoom meeting "host" on the dedicated PC or your laptop.

Note; between steps 8 and 9, a "video feedback loop" may be created where your screenshare repeatedly creates more camera images within each other due to the direction your webcam is pointing from the PC or laptop. This loop will end once step 9 is completed.

9. Within the meeting on the CleverTouch, select "Screenshare" in the bottom center of the screen and select the CleverTouch main screen. For more information and training videos from Zoom regarding, click here


10. Briefly review your comprehensive "picture in picture" style configuration for the lecture. You  should now have one Zoom meeting participant which will represent a video of you, the presenter. You should have one Zoom meeting participant which will represent a video feed of the CleverTouch display directly.  Once students join the meeting, they will be able to see both you and the CleverTouch in two separate boxes within the zoom meeting. In this configuration, they will be able to choose for themselves whether to use a "split-screen" view of the two sources, or the gallery view to be able to interact with other students logged into the meeting in addition to your presentation. 

11. If you wish to create a video recording of the Zoom meeting, press "record" in zoom on the bottom toolbar. Note: Zoom preferences will determine where this file is stored on your computer.


12. When the meeting ends, Zoom will ask you where you want to save the video recording. Your laptop or the computer PC will open a document folder window. Save the video to a location you have access to, and upload this video to your desired hosting site (youtube, vimeo,kaltura, etc).

Zoom Meeting Annotation:

If you would like to recreate the experience available in CleverTouch classrooms by involving student annotations on the screen for all participants to see, Zoom's software allows the meeting host to accommodate this.

  1. While sharing your screen, select "Annotate" in the popup toolbar. 
  2. Once "Annotate" mode has been enabled, allow or disallow student annotation but selecting, "More" and selecting, "Enable Attendee Annotation" or "Disable Attendee Annotation". This selection will display the opposite setting from the currently enabled mode.
  3. It is recommended that virtual participants who annotate on the faculty presentation do so from a device with a touch screen, as trackpads or a PC mouse tend to annotate less smoothly.

For other tricks and tips regarding the use of Zoom, for lecture capture, see Zoom's official FAQ's on the subject here.