Plesk Sites Administration


Plesk sites can be accessed via an FTP client for the purpose of administration.  This article explains how to set that up.

Note:  You must be either on campus or on the VPN in order to administrate your Plesk site!

FTP Access for Plesk:

FTP access is setup so that only FTP-S (FTP Secure) protocols can be used to access the site.  Filezilla is an FTP Client that works across multiple OSes (Windows, Mac, etc) and is the recommended client for accessing Plesk sites.  Filezilla can be downloaded here: Windows or Mac.  After installing the program, the following steps can be used to set a connection for uploading files. Note: to avoid unnecessary software from being installed on your machine, Windows users should click DECLINE on the second and third installation screens to avoid unnecessary software being installed.. For Mac users, it is recommended that you click SKIP on the second installation screen for this reason.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Adding a Plesk Site in FileZilla v. 3.9:

  1. Open FileZilla and click on the Site Connections button to open up the site manager.

    Site connections button

  2. Login Settings:
    1. Click on the New Site button within Site Manager.  By default, it will be called New Site. Feel free to give it a name appropriate and recognizable to your site.
    2. Host:
    3. Port: 21
    4. Encryption: Require explicit FTP over TLS
    5. Logon Type: Normal
    6. Enter the appropriate username and password used to access the site.

      Site manager

  3. Transfer Settings:
    1. Click on the Transfer Settings Tab and change the FTP mode to "Passive" move.

      Transfer settings

  4. Connection:
    1. Click on Connect at the bottom of the window to establish a connection.
    2. An unknown certificate screen will appear. You can click the checkbox next to "Always trust certificates in future sessions" and then click OK.
    3. With these settings in place you should be able to connect to the Plesk sites.

  5. Connecting in the Future:
    1. After you've successfully installed FileZilla and added your site you can close the tool. The next time you launch FileZilla you can click on the Site Manager icon on the upper left and then select your site from the list of available sites.


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