Find MAC Address for Windows, Apple, and Android devices

This article explain how to find the MAC Address on various devices. Click the drop down arrows to learn more. 

  1. Hit the Windows Key on your keyboard and search "Settings" and search for "Internet" in the search bar, click network status.

    1. Alternatively you can right click on the network connection and click on Open Network and Internet Settings

  2. Click Properties on the current connected internet (Usually "Local Area Connection" if connected via Ethernet or "Wi-Fi (NAME OF CONNECTION)" if connected via Wireless).

Mac Laptops and iOS Devices​

  1. Click on the apple in the top left and go to System Preferences

    1. Alternatively you can click on System Preferences in the dock if it is located there

  2. Click Network from the menu.

  3. Choose WiFi from the menu on the left and click Advanced. Choose the Hardware tab on the right and the MAC address will be displayed there. 

  1. Tap Settings

  2. Select General

  3. Select About

  1. MAC Address is listed as Wi-Fi Address.

Each phone has a different layout, but the MAC address is located in generally the same spot.

  1. Go to settings

    1. May be on the home page or you may have to go into apps to find it

  2. Find About Device

    1. If the settings are separated into different tabs, it will be under a tab called System

  3. Tap on Status

  4. Scroll until you find Wi-Fi MAC Address